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SUTRA's Flexi brush glides with your curls as you detangle. It gently removes loose hairs, smooths, and defines your curls. Smooth and flexible bristle rows separate for a consistent snag-free detangling experience, that flows easily through all hair textures. 

  • Great for detangling hair with ease
  • For all hair textures
  • Curved comb shape for comfortable use on your scalp
  • Comes with a control bar that can be used to lock comb teeth in place
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber handle

Pro tip: Use in the shower with a deep conditioner for an even easier detangling experience.

How To Use

How To Use

Section your hair and use to detangle your hair without the pull. Gently brush from root to ends. to remove loose hairs, smooth, and detangle your curls.

Pro tip: Use in the shower with a deep conditioner for an even easier detangling experience.



After each use, remove any hair that has accumulated on the comb. Use a your fingers to gently pull out the hair strands from the bristles.

Consider cleaning your hairbrush at least once a month or more frequently if you use styling products or have oily hair.

Avoid sharing your hairbrush with others to prevent the transfer of germs or lice. Replace your comb if you notice signs of significant wear and tear.

From the people
From the people

I love this tool so much! Makes my hair look like I just left the salon 😍 10/10 recommend!

Arleth Aguilar
From the people

I love this Thermal Brush. Easy to use, great results. A couple of warnings: Don't use the highest temperature possible and keep...Read more

Francoise Marcus
From the people

It is a game changer. I love the way I can finish off my hair after blow drying as well ad salvage a style on the no wash days. Occasionally I hit...Read more

Paula Budnick

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Frequently asked questions

Is Heat Styling Damaging to my Hair?

Make sure to always use our heat protector spray before styling. However, our products are designed with innovative technology that protect your locks from excessive heat and style it with healthy results in mind.

What Makes Infrared Different?

Infrared was developed to improve the overall health of hair using balanced heat from root to end. Penetrative Infrared heat seals the hair cuticles for faster styling that lasts longer. This technology is safe to use on colored, bleached, or damaged hair, leaving a smooth and silky finish.

Will This Product Work for Me?

Our hair care and heat styling tools are designed with every hair type in mind no matter where you are on your hair journey. Whether your hair is colored, bleached, straight, curly or damaged, our high quality products improve the overall health of your hair.