What Size Curling Iron Should I Use?

What Size Curling Iron Should I Use?

Curling irons are one of the most popular hair styling tools, and for good reason. Not only is a curling iron fantastic at creating long-lasting, defined curls, but they are also incredibly effective at creating waves and other fun hairstyles. The reason this popular tool is so effective is due to its 360 degree application of direct heat, ensuring every part of the curled hair is applied to direct heat while being held under the appropriate tension. When held for several seconds the direct heat is able to seal the hair into its maneuvered pattern, allowing for those beautiful hairstyles we all yearn for.

As with any styling tool, especially one as popular as the curling iron, there are going to be countless variants available on the market in order to fit just about anyone’s hair styling needs for each particular hair type and hair length. When it comes to creating curls and waves in one’s hair, one of the most important things to consider is exactly how big or how small you would like the curling iron to be. Not only do you need to find a curling iron that fits the length and fullness of your particular hair, but you also want to take into consideration what kind of curls and waves you want to create, whether they be large and bouncy or tight and defined.

With all these options available, it can feel downright overwhelming trying to find an appropriate curling iron for you. Fortunately for you, we’ve helped simplify this curling iron process to help you find the right curling iron size.  Read below to find a curling iron for your specific hair needs!

A small curling iron: ¾” or 19MM
Typically, the smallest curling irons come at around three quarters of an inch. These curling irons are smaller in diameter than most curling irons, making them perfect for shorter hairstyles or less full hair types. Additionally, this tight curling iron size is perfect for creating tight, defined curls in the hair, allowing for the ability to create ringlets or tiny curls throughout the hair.

A normal sized curling iron: 1” or 25MM
For those with normal hair lengths or typical hair fullness, you’ll want to look for a curling iron that is about 1 inch in diameter. This curling iron size is ideal for creating pretty curls and waves with just about any hair length and hair type, and helps to create a natural, lived in curl pattern as opposed to an overly tight and defined curl pattern or a loose, bouncy curl pattern.

A bigger curling iron: 1 ¼” or 32MM
This is the type of curling iron at the bigger end of the spectrum, one that is ideal for long hair types or those with very full hair with lots of body. This larger curling iron not only helps to curl large amounts of hair at once, but it is also perfect at creating those giant, bodacious curls you’ve always dreamt of!

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