What Kind of Curling Iron Is Best for Your Hair?

What Kind of Curling Iron Is Best for Your Hair?

The world of hair care supplies is a large and sometimes overwhelming one. There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding tools to style one’s hair, and each tool can come in its own subcategory of sizes, materials, technologies, etc. Because of the specific hair care needs of each person and their particular hair type, it is of the highest importance that you understand exactly what each tool does and what makes one particularly better suited for your hair than another tool.

When it comes to this world of too many options, the curling iron is no exception. While they may seem like a very straightforward tool, curling irons can come in all sorts of sizes, materials, and heating technologies, not to mention different clamp designs and handle fixtures. Read below to help cut through the clutter and find the perfect curling iron for you!

What Size Curling Iron?
To start, you should determine which specific size curling iron is best for your hair type. Curling irons typically come in 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm sizes, with each size best suited for specific hair lengths and styles. 19mm is best for short hair or for creating tight curls, while 25mm is a good middle-ground size for all hair lengths, while 32mm is best for long hair types or for creating massive, bouncy curls. Outside of these three primary sizes, there are also curlers built with three large barrels in one, making them the perfect option for creating massive, bouncy waves, or for creating that “mermaid hair” look.

What Design to Choose?
Curling irons come in several different designs, each one best suited for a particular function or use.  Most curling irons today are designed as clipless, which allows for more flexibility and lightweight designing for a more versatile function. Traditional curling irons are constructed with a clip, which allows for a more straightforward curling experience that allows you to secure the hair while curling. Lastly, clamp-style triple barrel curling irons allow you to secure large sections of hair to create massive, easy waves.

What Material to Choose?
Once you’ve determined the correct size and curling iron design, you’ll need to decide upon the type of heating element and material design for you to use. Modern curling irons may include infrared heating technology, which allows for the hair to be heated from the inside out to preserve moisture and prevent breakage of the cuticle.  Ionic technology is another option, which utilizes negative ionic energy to prevent moisture loss and dryness. Lastly, look for devices with heat conductive materials such as titanium, which provide an even, gentle heat, as well as tourmaline, which can help to prevent dryness and direct burning of the hair. Overall, you’ll want to choose a high-quality device with gentle, heat conductive materials that helps preserve your hair’s health while limiting dryness to prevent frizz, flyaways, and split ends.  Best of all, you’ll create long-lasting curls for an all-day look!

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