What is the Best Blow Dryer?

What is the Best Blow Dryer?

If you are a hair care enthusiast, we’re willing to bet that you have a blow dryer in your hair care arsenal. The blow dryer is a ubiquitous hair styling tool, so much so that you can find one in practically any hotel room when you travel. While they are mainly designed for drying your hair after being washed, there is so much more that you can do with this time tested wonder tool. From curling your hair to straightening your locks or making beachy waves, the blow dryer is perhaps the most versatile styling tool around. When you factor in the various attachments you can add to your blow dryer such as a diffuser or air concentrator, the only limit to using this tool is your imagination!

With all that being said, when a tool is as popular as the blow dryer, there’s bound to be a huge variety in product quality, with as many high quality and expensive blow dryers as there are low quality or cheap blow dryers. Because of this wide disparity in blow dryer choices, it is of the utmost importance that you become knowledgeable about what factors make for a quality hair dryer. Read below to learn more about what to look for in a good blow dryer and maybe you’ll find some ideas for your next blow dryer purchase!

Blow dryer quality #1: multiple heat and speed settings
One of the most important factors in picking a good blow dryer is to find one that has a relatively large selection of various heat and speed settings. Having the ability to fine tune your device for your hair needs or styling requirements is a must for the perfect styling device, especially one that relies on heated air. Different hair styles require different degrees of heat and air output, which is why you’ll want a blow dryer with versatility.

Blow dryer quality #2: high quality construction
As with any other heated styling tool, you’ll want to focus on a blow dryer that is constructed with high quality and advanced technology. This includes technology like infrared heat, which heats the hair from the inside out, which helps to preserve the outer cuticle layer and helps to prevent dryness and potential breakage. Additionally, many blow dryers now utilize ionic heating technology, which involves the use of negative ions to counteract the drying and damaging effects of positive ions in the hair strand, preventing premature dryness.

Blow dryer quality #3: lightweight construction
When using a blow dryer, you want to make sure it is a lightweight model that is easy to hold and maneuver. Given that many hairstyles involve an extensive amount of styling time, you want to choose a device that won’t weigh your arm down or slow down your styling speed.  Additionally, a lightweight blow dryer makes it that much easier to style your hair with one hand, which will allow for more flexibility when securing the hair with your other free hand.

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