What Does Leave-In Conditioner Do?

What Does Leave-In Conditioner Do?

In the world of hair care, there is no shortage of products and product types available to a consumer’s disposal. Thanks to incredible advances in hair care research, there have never been so many different solutions for the hair care enthusiast to choose from, allowing each person to find a product that is perfect for his or her own hair care needs. However, this variety can sometimes seem quite overwhelming, and for some it can seem impossible to distinguish between which products to choose from and the differences between each one.

While the idea of using a regular conditioner after shampooing one’s hair is one of the most basic and well-understood concepts of hair care, there is a bit more ambiguity when it comes to how or if one should implement a leave-in conditioner. Allow us to demystify one of the most effective yet misunderstood products in the hair care industry!

Leave-in vs. regular conditioner
It’s common knowledge that after you wash your hair with shampoo, your cuticle becomes temporarily stripped of its natural oils. By using a conditioner immediately after shampooing, you not only replenish these lost oils and help prevent moisture loss, but you also are able to deeply infuse your hair with long-lasting moisture, as the oils and conditioning ingredients are able to most effectively penetrate the hair strand in its freshly washed state.

A leave-in conditioner accomplishes the same goals as a regular conditioner, only at a MUCH more powerful level. Part of this is due to the fact that leave-in conditioners are typically much richer and hydrating than traditional conditioners, as they can be loaded with nourishing oils, butters, and other hydrating ingredients. The other reason is that unlike a regular conditioner, leave-in conditioners aren’t rinsed from the hair after being allowed to settle, hence the name.  This allows for the leave-in product to take as much time as possible to deeply penetrate the hair strand and coat the cuticle for maximum moisture retention.

Why use a leave-in conditioner?
Now that you know that a leave-in conditioner is significantly more effective than regular conditioner, you might be wondering why you would even bother with regular conditioner at all.  With a leave-in conditioner, the key is to use the product sparingly, as over use of the product can lead to buildup and excess grease and oil on the hair strand. While a once or twice weekly application could be perfect for reviving hair, using it every time after washing your hair may just end up weighing down your hair and leading to a whole host of new issues.

Because of its effectiveness, the leave-in conditioner may not be suitable for oily or greasy hair types, who may just be fine using a regular conditioner. However, if you notice your hair still becoming dry and frizzy even after regularly using a normal conditioner, then this leave-in option is perfect for giving your hair a massive boost of hair hydration to ensure optimal hair health!

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