What Conditioner Should I Use?

What Conditioner Should I Use?

Taking care of your hair’s health is about as important as anything that you can possibly focus on when looking to have your hair look its very best. No matter how good your styling technique is or how expensive your styling tools are, no amount of skill or money can overcome poor hair health. Whether you struggle from dry, brittle hair with damage and breakage or excessively greasy, oily hair that is weighed down and without volume, everything you do in regards to treating your hair needs to be with your specific hair type and hair goals in mind.

To that end, few things are more important to ensuring your hair’s optimal health than a proper washing routine. Aside from making sure you aren’t over washing or under washing your hair, you’ll also need to make sure that you are applying the correct conditioner to your hair to suit your hair needs. Too little conditioner can leave your hair becoming quickly stripped, dry, and brittle, while too much conditioner can. Leave greasy, oily residue in your hair and weigh down your hair strands, killing any hopes you have for volume and a perfect hairstyle.

To get the best hairstyle possible, you’ll want to make sure you pick the best conditioner possible for your hair type and hair needs. We’ve prepared a guide to help you pick your perfect hair conditioner depending on your own particular hair type and hair needs. Read below and make your pick!

You have oily, greasy hair
If you have hair that is excessively oily and contains a lot of excess sebum or oil near the scalp and hair strand, you might think that you should skip conditioner altogether. Wrong! Even the most oily of hair types needs some sort of conditioner to replenish moisture levels after shampooing. The key is to find a shampoo that is lightweight and focuses more on ingredients like humectants, which are lightweight and draw water into the hair strand, as opposed to emollients and occlusives, which coat the cuticle layer and can cause the hair to become easily weighed down. Make sure to avoid thick butters or silicones, as they can easily weigh down your hair.

You have normal hair
If your hair is neither excessively greasy nor dry, consider yourself lucky! Practically any shampoo can work for your hair type when used in moderation, but try to steer clear of excessively heavy conditioners as to avoid overwhelming your hair with too much moisture.

You have extremely dry hair
If your hair is as dry as the Sahara, you’ll want to find rich, heavier conditioners that are capable of penetrating the hair to provide it with long lasting moisture while also coating the outer cuticle layer to provide more shine and softness. Make sure to always apply conditioner after shampooing, and make sure to let it sit for several minutes for maximum absorption. The ideal oil should be heavy but one that is easily absorbed by the hair strand, like coconut oil or jojoba oil.

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