The Ultimate Healthy Hair Guide

The Ultimate Healthy Hair Guide

When you close your eyes and think of the perfect head of hair, you probably imagine soft, shiny hair with body for days and perfect elasticity and manageability. As great as this hair looks and feels, however, there is a great deal of hard work and dedication that goes into having runway-ready locks. No matter how much money you spend on hair treatments and expensive styling products, hair only looks its absolute best when it is at its healthiest. For hair to feel soft and look shiny, for example, it needs to have a well-fortified outer cuticle layer. And for hair to be manageable and elastic, it needs to have a firm and dense inner structure.

Unfortunately, getting and keeping healthy hair can be harder than it sounds. However, we have a handful of key tips that can help your hair reach its healthiest state yet!

Wash Your Hair Correctly

More often than not, the biggest cause of poor hair health starts with the washing process. While shampooing is a necessary way of removing grime, build-up, and grease, it is also an inherently damaging activity that strips the hair of moisture. Although conditioner can quickly replenish the hair’s moisture levels and counteract any damaging effects caused by washing, excessive washing can slowly break down the hair’s cuticle layer and leave it dry and brittle. Additionally, using too hot of water can cause the hair to leech out moisture and damage its structural integrity. Make sure to wash your hair as little as possible, opting for the coldest water you can tolerate.

Avoid Poor Brushing Habits

Much like hair washing, the act of hair brushing is also a damaging activity that can serve as the root of many hair issues. Hair brushing is crucial to maintain hair shape and direction while removing any tangles and knots, but poor brushing can damage the hair in a profound way. Over brushing or brushing with too rough of a brush can easily cause hair breakage, while brushing the hair while it is wet can also cause a rapid breakdown in the hair structure. Make sure to brush the hair infrequently, making sure the hair is completely dry and to use a soft, gentle brush.

Invest in Proper Heat Styling Tools

Lastly, if you are a frequent user of heated styling tools, it Is crucial to make sure you are using high-quality products that are gentle on the hair. Newer heat tools utilize infrared and ionic technologies to heat the hair from the inside out, preventing cuticle damage while preserving moisture levels. For example, Sutra’s best-selling IR2 Infrared Flat Iron applies long wavelengths to heat the hair from deep within, as opposed to directly outside, keeping the hair safe and preserved. Additionally, its titanium floating plates perfectly conduct heat to avoid any hot spots or excessive direct heat application.

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