How to Use a Blow Dryer Diffuser

How to Use a Blow Dryer Diffuser

If there’s one tool that is included in every hair care enthusiast’s arsenal, it’s a blow dryer. Aside from being able to help quickly dry one’s hair, a blow dryer is a powerful tool that can help manipulate the hair to create long-lasting hairstyles and straighten and smooth the hair or create tight, and defined curls when combined with a round brush.

However, not everyone may be so enamored with the results of a traditional blow dryer. In its normal design, a blow dryer directs a powerful stream of heated air directly at the hair strand in a concentrated manner, which can cause dryness and frizz in many hair types. Additionally, those with extremely curly hair may find that a blow dryer messes with their natural curl pattern and leaves less than desired results.

Fortunately, those who aren’t fans of a traditional blow dryer can opt for a diffuser attachment!  Read below to learn more about diffuser attachments and how they can benefit your hair.

What is a blow dryer diffuser attachment?
Many blow dryers come with this attachment, though it is possible to buy them on their own if your blow dryer doesn’t already have one. This unique attachment looks like a round, disc-shaped piece that contains several circular spikes that stick out from it. The benefit of this unique design is that it disperses the heated air all over your hair as opposed to directly onto your hair, lessening the amount of direct heat being applied. Additionally, the “spikes” help to preserve the curl pattern by holding the curls in place, along with dispersing air deeper near the roots in order to boost volume and bounce.

Who benefits from a diffuser attachment?
A diffuser attachment is the perfect option for those with curly hair, especially those with tight, small curls. This attachment helps to prevent frizzy hair, which is a common complaint among those with curly hair when blow drying. Additionally, a diffuser is a great way of creating curls in hair that is naturally straight or of a normal hair shape. Lastly, this tool is perfect for those with curly hair who are looking for a huge boost of volume, or have been experiencing limp, lifeless hair and need a jolt.

How do I use a diffuser attachment?
To start, make sure that the diffuser fits securely on the end of your blow dryer. After washing your hair, allow it to air dry or lightly blot it with a towel. With your hair damp, apply a pre styling product or heat protectant product to help enhance your results.  Those who are seeking to boost their volume or add extra curls to their hair should think of applying a sea salt product, which will massively boost volume and texture.

With your hair prepped and ready, hold the blow dryer near your face but facing away from you and drape some hair over the attachment, working your hair into the spikes. Work from your roots to tips and continue throughout your entire hair until finished!

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