How to Use a 3 Barrel Curling Iron

How to Use a 3 Barrel Curling Iron

Hair styling is an incredibly complex skill that can incorporate all types of styling devices and styling techniques in order to create a nearly infinite number of hairstyles. The most popular styling tool is the blow dryer, which can be used to give hair more volume, create curls with a diffuser attachment, or be used in conjunction with a styling brush to straighten the hair, curl the hair, or create beachy waves.  However, creating a hairstyle is dependent on each person’s hair and styling technique, and not everyone can get their desired results from using a basic blow dryer. Straightening irons and curling irons provide next level results for many looking to create defined curls or straight, sleek hair, as they provide uniform heat directly to the hair strand itself, allowing for more precise and longer lasting results.

As good as these devices are for creating curly, wavy hair, what if we told you that there was another type of device that could be used to create massive, bouncy mermaid waves with remarkable ease? The three barrel curling iron is a recent invention that could help you transform lifeless, bland hair into a massive, voluminous work of art.  Read below to learn more about a three barrel curling iron and learn the best way to use one to get your desired results!

What is a 3 barrel curling iron?
As you can guess from the name, the three barrel curling iron is a curling iron that features, obviously, three barrels. While the design itself is the same basic concept as a clamp curling iron, where this product differs is that it adds two extra barrels. These three added barrels help create larger, more bouncy waves and curls that last longer than with a hair dryer due to the direct heat applied to the hair strand.

For ideal results, opt for a three barrel curling iron that uses materials like ceramic or titanium for the most effective and even heat conduction. When looking for a three barrel curling iron, look to purchase one that utilizes infrared heat to heat the hair from the inside out and prevent damage to the outer cuticle layer, as well as one that uses ionic technology to help prevent dryness and heat damage.

How to use a 3 barrel curling iron?
To start, make sure your hair is brushed and untangled. Apply a pre styler or heat protectant product for ideal results and to prevent any heat damage. Secure a 2-3 inch section of hair and bring the 3 barrel curling iron up to your face. Open the clamp and slide the section of hair into the opened clamp. Release the clamp and allow it to close your hair in place. Turn on the heat and let your hair stay in place for 10 seconds or so. While heating the hair, pinch the section of hair below the clamp with your other hand to make sure you don’t mistakenly apply heat to the same area twice in a row. Once complete, open the clamp and move down to the next section of hair below it. Continue with the rest of your hair as desired!

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