How to Straighten Hair with a Curling Iron

How to Straighten Hair with a Curling Iron

The state of hair care technology has reached a point that there’s a dedicated styling tool for achieving practically any look that you can imagine. Want straight hair? Pick up a flat iron or hair straightener. Want big mermaid waves? Pick up a three barrel hair curler. Want curly hair? Look no further than your trusty hair curler, of course! But with these specific tools at our disposal, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that you don’t necessarily need a specific styling tool to achieve a certain look. While certain tools may make certain hairstyles much easier to attain, it is possible to get your desired hairstyle from any type of hair styling tool, so long as you have dialed into your technique.

Although it is good practice in general to know how to style your hair with different tools, it is also an important skill to have for instances in which you don’t have access to your favorite tool for a specific hairstyle. One of these instances is in which you want to straighten your hair without your trusty flat iron or hair straightener. As counterintuitive as it may seem, did you know that it’s possible to straighten your hair with a curling iron? No, we promise we aren’t joking!

The key is to use a curling iron that has a clamp, which will secure your hair in place against the hot curling iron barrel while styling your hair. Additionally, you’ll want to use a hair curler with high quality materials like titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline, as these materials are ideal for even heat conduction and can subject your hair to prolonged heat exposure while straightening without causing any damage or breakage.

The curling iron hair straightening method
First, you’ll want to make sure you have your curling iron plugged in, clean, and ready to use.  With slightly damp hair, blow dry your hair and lightly run your fingers through your hair, which will help to add volume to your hair while detangling and making the hair much easier to style.  Once dry, apply a heat protectant or a hair styling serum to your hair, working it from the roots of your hair to the very ends of the hair strands, making sure it's evenly applied and absorbed by the hair before styling.

Once ready, you’ll want to separate your hair into two to three inch sections and place part of your hair section closest to your scalp in between the opened clamp and the curling iron barrel.  Let go of the clamp and allow it to secure the hair in place and gently run the curling iron down the section of your hair and away from your scalp. This method works much in the same way that a flat iron works, as you keep the clamp secured against your hair but loose enough to allow for downward movement. Continue with the rest of your hair and you’ll find yourself with a straightened masterpiece!

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