How to Dry Hair Without a Blow Dryer

How to Dry Hair Without a Blow Dryer

The blow dryer is one of the most important tools that any hair care enthusiast can have in their arsenal. Thanks to a combination of forced air and high-temperature heat, the hair dryer is able to provide an extremely quick and convenient method of drying wet hair, all while adding incredible volume and locking in all sorts of unique styles. However, this combination of high heat and forced hair can be damaging to hair in certain instances, such as when the hair is recovering from a color treatment or when traveling to extremely dry environments that can cause the hair to temporarily lose its moisture. 

Fortunately, there are several great alternatives for drying your hair without having to use a blow dryer! These options are simple, cost-effective, and provide fantastic alternatives for those trying to boost their hair’s health while promoting an accelerated hair drying time. Read below to learn which of these options may be best for your particular hair type and hair needs!

Blot Your Hair with a Bath Towel
While it seems like common sense advice to suggest drying your hair with a towel after you shower, the key here is specifically how you use the towel to dry your hair. Rather than aggressively rubbing your hair and scalp with your towel until it is dry, take your time to gently blot sections of your hair, working from root to tip until your hair is mostly dry. Doing so will help prevent breakage and frizz while speeding up the time it takes your hair to dry as opposed to a simple air dry. Make sure to use a towel that isn’t rough or overly textured as to avoid damaging the cuticle layer of your hair.

Use a Microfiber Towel
If the bath towel method isn’t working as quickly as you’d like, you can always opt for a dedicated hair towel made of microfiber material to dramatically reduce the amount of drying time. Microfiber is able to absorb a significant amount of water compared to basic cotton, making it a quick and convenient method for drying one’s hair. Additionally, microfiber is a very soft and smooth material that causes minimal friction when rubbed against the hair, which is exactly what dry and fragile hair types need to avoid breakage.

Brush with a Wide Tooth Comb
This two in one method provides both detangling and air drying benefits, as the wide teeth of this comb help to promote air flow and quicker drying of the hair strands. A wide tooth comb is also ideal for preventing breakage and damage, as the large teeth can section large portions of hair without snagging or tangling. After washing one’s hair, very gently run the comb through your hair from root to tip, making sure to separate as much hair as possible to encourage the most air flow. Be careful not to be too aggressive with your combing, as wet hair is extremely fragile and prone to breakage.

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