How to Do a Blowout Without a Round Brush

How to Do a Blowout Without a Round Brush
A big, volume filled blowout is always in style, and is one of the toughest styles to perfect. Not only does this style require a great deal of time and technique, but it usually involves numerous tools and various hair styling products to obtain that perfect blowout. Some of these products include a volumizing spray or hair serum that can help to accentuate the effects of the blowout, as well as a blowout brush that combines a round brush with a blow dryer for massive results.

The most popular tool for crafting a blowout, however, is the beloved round brush. Preferably chosen in the largest barrel size possible, the round brush is the perfect blowout tool due to its ability to curl and hold the hair in place while under tension, which, combined with the hot air of the blow dryer, allows you to seal your results in place.

Unfortunately, there may be instances in which using a round hair brush isn’t a viable option, such as if you want to do one-handed styling or if you don’t have access to your favorite round brush. Thankfully, we’ve got a few techniques for you to craft a head turning blowout without a round brush! Read below and find your ideal technique if you find yourself without a round brush but need that perfect blowout.

The curling iron wrap method
With this technique, you’ll need both a blow dryer and a curling iron. With damp hair, work your fingers through your hair or a wide tooth comb as you dry the hair with a blow dryer on its highest setting. With the hair fully dried, it’s time to turn to your curling iron. Grab two to three inch sections of your hair and wrap the sections around the barrel of your curling iron while its hot. Hold the hair in place for a few seconds and release, repeating the process with the rest of your hair.

The hair roller method
With this method you’ll want to use that curling iron, but this time you need to add in some hair rollers. Begin by curling two to three inch sections of your hair, then immediately wrapping the sections of hair around the hair roller. Continue doing this until every section of your hair is set in a hair roller. Let the rollers sit in your hair for about thirty to forty minutes and then unroll, letting yourself bask in the glory of this hairstyle!

The bun method
This method actually involves zero heat styling whatsoever and is gentle and safe for all hair types. Simply allow your hair to lightly air dry after the shower, then wrap it into a high bun. Cover your bun with a hair cap and allow it to stay in place as you sleep in the bun overnight. In the morning, your bun will be dry and you can safely unwrap the bun to wake up to glorious, volume filled hair!
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