How to Curl Your Hair Without a Curling Iron

How to Curl Your Hair Without a Curling Iron

Few tools are better suited for creating beautiful, long lasting curls than the curling iron. The curling iron is designed with a round barrel, typically with a clamp to secure the hair, which allows for an even and direct application of heat right at the hair strand all throughout the curl.  When you combine this direct heat with the tool’s ability to hold the hair into a perfectly circular, curled manner, the hair is able to hold itself into whatever curl pattern you desire, whether it be tight and defined or loose and bouncy.

Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your handy dandy curling iron for creating your curls.  If you can’t access your tool for whatever reason and need to curl your hair in a flash, what are you to do without this trusty tool? Thankfully, hair curling is something that can be achieved with a variety of other tools and techniques, and you might find that some of these techniques might even produce better results than from your curling iron! Read below and learn the best methods of curling your hair without a curling iron and find new ways to sharpen your hairstyling arsenal.

Use your blow dryer for voluminous curls
Everyone’s favorite tool, the blow dryer, may be perfect for quickly drying off the hair or for adding volume for a big blow out, but did you know that this hairstyling powerhouse is capable of creating curls as well? While this method involves using both hands at once as opposed to just one hand with the curling iron, you’ll find the results to be nearly comparable. To start, select a round bush with the diameter of the curl size that you want to style your hair into. Drape the hair on top of the brush and roll the hair away from your face. With the hair fully curled one rotation, hold the blow dryer with your other hand and point it at your curled hair, holding for a few seconds to heal the new curl pattern in place. Continue with other sections of the hair until you’ve reached your desired look.

The no heat method for creating fun, long lasting curls
If you don’t have access to any heat styling tool or if you are in a situation in which you don’t want to apply heat to your hair, such as after a chemical coloring treatment or if you are suffering from damaged hair, you’ll still be able to create a curly hair style in your hair! To start, you’ll want to have your hair damp, such as after a shower and lightly air drying your hair. Then, grab various sections of hair, two to three sections, and tie them into tight braids, working your way around the head until you’ve braided as much hair as desired. With your hair still damp, place a cap over your hair, securing your style in place. Go to sleep with the cap on overnight and you’ll find that your hair is full of beautiful curls when you awake! Just remove the cap and undo the dried braids and enjoy your curls.

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