How to Curl Hair with a Wand

How to Curl Hair with a Wand

A curling wand is one of the most useful tools any hair care enthusiast can have in their arsenal.  As the name suggests, these wands are the perfect tool for creating defined, long-lasting curls, and their unique design allows for seamless, lightweight styling.

Like any tool, you’ll need to learn exactly how to use the tool and what the best hair types are for it before beginning to style. Everyone’s hair is highly unique and specific, meaning that a bit of thought needs to go into the selection of the wand and creating a styling technique.

Read below to learn how to pick the right curling wand and how to use it to create the style you’re looking for!

Which wand to choose from?
When it comes to curling wands, they typically come in three main sizes: 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. Knowing which of these sizes to choose will have a huge impact on the outcome of your final curls, so finding the correct barrel size is key. Longer hair lengths will want the 32mm, as will medium length hair types that want to create big, bouncy curls. 25mm is a perfect length for medium length hair types or for short hair looking for a bit of volume and bounce. Lastly, 19mm is perfect for shorter hair types or for medium hair types looking for tight, defined curls.

As with any tool, you’ll want to select a high quality device that is equipped with heat protective materials such as tourmaline or titanium. Look for devices that utilize infrared or ionic heating technologies, as these help to minimize breakage and damage when styling and helps preserve moisture levels to prevent frizz and flyaways.

How to style
Now that you have your wand of choice in hand, you can begin the styling process!  First and foremost you’ll want to softly brush your hair with a paddle brush to help detangle and organize your hair.  If your hair is feeling dry or dull, feel free to apply a pre-styling lotion and even a heat protectant product to prevent any damage or moisture loss.

Once your hair is fully prepped, begin by one inch section of your hair between your fingers a few inches from the roots of your hair. Hold your iron next to your hair, with the iron facing downwards, and begin curling the hair around the barrel, starting from the handle of the barrel until reaching near the tip, leaving an inch or so of hair hanging off the barrel.

With the hair heated by the wand, tilt the wand downward until the hair falls loose from the barrel. You should have natural, beautiful looking curls that last all day without losing shape!

Once finished, feel free to set the curls with a very lightweight hairspray and/or work in a light hair oil to tame any frizz or flyaways. The oil will also add a beautiful shine to the curls, making them impossible to miss!

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