How to Curl Hair with a Straightening Iron

How to Curl Hair with a Straightening Iron

It may sound counterintuitive, but did you know that a straightening iron is one of the best tools you can use to create curls? While most of us associate a straightening iron or flat iron with creating straighter, sleeker hair, it’s true that a straightening iron can produce incredible, long-lasting curls, sometimes even better than a curling iron!

When it comes to curling your hair with a straightening iron, you’ll need to pick the right tool for your hair and then learn the ideal curling technique to create gorgeous, memorable curls of all sizes. Read below more to learn how to become a straightening iron curling expert!

Why use a straightening iron?
Naturally, you may be wondering why you would even bother using a straightening iron to curl your hair.  After all, there are countless high quality curling irons on the market that are specifically designed to curl one’s hair!  While that may be true, some may not be fond of the defined curl shape created by a curling iron and may prefer the more natural, less ring-like look of a curl produced by a straightening iron. Aside from aesthetics, a straightening iron typically produces more long lasting curls due to the amount of direct, even heat being applied to the hair strand as opposed to a curling iron. Also, many find that a straightening iron’s design is easier to use and maneuver than a curling iron.

Which straightening iron to pick?
If you want to use a straightening iron to curl your hair, you should definitely look to use a tool with as high quality of materials and technology as possible. Because a straightening iron applies a large amount of direct heat to the hair, you run the risk of damaging your hair if you use a low quality tool with poor materials. Ideal materials to look for include ceramic or titanium, which evenly conduct heat to reduce heat damage while applying even, consistent heat to your hair for even and consistent results. For heat technologies, look for straightening irons that utilize infrared heat, which heats the hair strand from inside out to prevent cuticle damage, or ionic technology, which emits negative ions to prevent dryness and moisture loss. With the right tool, you’ll have long lasting curls without any damage to your hair’s health!

How to curl
With the right tool in place, you’re now ready to begin curling your hair. Start by sectioning your hair, choosing smaller sections for more defined curls and larger sections of hair for more bouncy, loose curls. With the section of hair in place, clamp the straightener over the hair and drag it down the hair strand as if you were straightening it. About halfway down, flip the straightening iron and hold for a few seconds and then release. To keep your hair looking more beachy and natural, run your fingers through the curls to loosen it up and look more wavy and natural.

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