How to Clean a Curling Iron

How to Clean a Curling Iron

A curling iron is one of the most reliable tools one can have in their hair care arsenal, and for good reason. This super powered tool can transform even the most lifeless of hair into a beautiful collection of tightly defined curls or a bouncy and voluminous wavy masterpiece.  Curling irons utilize direct heat straight at the hair strand and outer cuticle layer, allowing it to very easily seal in a unique hairstyle while holding the hair in place with tension. Because of this tool’s incredibly effective styling ability, it is not uncommon for this tool to be a hair stylist’s go to styling tool, and a good quality tool made with high quality materials is safe enough to use on the hair every day!

However, with this everyday usage, one must be sure to properly maintain and clean their curling iron, as with any tool that is used on a frequent basis. Your curling iron can accumulate a large amount of product buildup and residue like sebum and flakes, which can very quickly degrade your device while causing a whole host of potential scalp issues. Follow our guide below to learn the best way to clean your curling iron, whether it needs a daily upkeep or a deep cleaning!

Why you need to clean your curling iron
A curling iron, just as with any styling tool such as a hairbrush or flat iron, needs to be cleaned and maintained on a frequent basis to avoid numerous issues.  First of all, regular cleaning and maintenance of your tool will help extend its lifespan and maintain optimal performance for as long as possible. Given how expensive these styling tools can be, this tip is vital for ensuring your investment in your hair styling tool goes a long way. Outside of extending your product’s lifespan, you’ll also need to clean your hair on a regular basis to ensure your scalp’s overall health. Each time you use a curling iron on your hair your device collects product buildup, flakes, and hair sebum. While you may not notice this in one session, over time your device will accumulate enough residue that it can eventually deposit it back into your hair and scalp, leading to fungal and bacterial issues.

How to do a basic weekly clean
To keep your device clean on a weekly basis, you simply need to get a cotton ball and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. With your device unplugged and cool, apply rubbing alcohol to the cotton ball and rub the ball on the plates of the device as well as the handles to disinfect the device while removing residue. If there is any additional residue left you can use a damp terry cloth towel to remove it.

For a deep cleaning
If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your curling iron, then you might want to consider a deep cleaning. Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to build a paste and apply it to the barrel of your curling iron. Let it sit for fifteen minutes before rubbing it in with a toothbrush. Finish by wiping the curling iron clean with a damp cloth.

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