How to Clean a Blow Dryer Brush

How to Clean a Blow Dryer Brush
Ahhh, if there isn’t a hair styling tool that is as fun and unique to use as the blow dryer brush. As you can tell from the name, the blow dryer brush is a combination of a blow dryer and a round styling brush. This tool is able to shoot a concentrated stream of hot air while you brush and detangle your hair, allowing you to not only save time by combining two steps in one (styling and detangling), but it also provides a novel and convenient way for you to volumize, straighten, or curl your hair without having to use two hands.

However, as fun as this tool is to use and style with, the blow dryer brush can be rather tricky to clean due to its unique design with air vents being located underneath the thick bristles. There are a seemingly infinite number of open vents located within the brush barrel, making it not only an easy place to accumulate dirt and grime but also a rather difficult place to reach into and completely clean out of debris.

Fortunately, we have a handy guide prepared to walk you through the cleaning process for your trusted blow dryer brush. It will keep your brush sparkling clean and extend the lifetime of the device for years to come!

The importance of cleaning your hair care tools
Make no mistake, while it is of enormous importance for you to regularly clean your blow dryer brush due to its unique design, you should always be cleaning any hair styling tool that you use on a regular basis. The first reason is that your tools retain plenty of hair strands and capture large amounts of dust over time, which can block your air vents in your blow dryer brush and blow dryer, which will cause a reduction in airflow and strain the output of your device. Additionally, the excess hair can gather in the brush and cause the bristles to be less effective and section less hair.

The other reason you should be cleaning your tools regularly is to maintain proper hygiene and hair and scalp health. Your tools accumulate all sorts of grease, grime, sebum, and dead hair cells each time they pass through your hair, and this accumulation can harbor lots of bacteria and fungal infections if not cleaned properly. Additionally, this can transfer back to your scalp the next time you style, causing an unintended condition.

How to clean the blow dryer brush
To start, make sure the tool is no longer hot and is not plugged in. You’ll need a pair of small nail scissors, a damp cloth, some soap, and a hard-bristled brush. Begin by using the small nail scissors to snip clumps of hair on the bristles, removing the rest with the hard bristled brush. Once cleared out, use the damp cloth on the barrel of the brush, mixing it with some soap to really work itself into the nooks and crannies to clean it all. Wipe dry with a dry towel and allow to air dry.
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