How to Care for Dyed Hair

How to Care for Dyed Hair

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and undergo one of the most dramatic changes you can make to your hair: a chemical hair coloring treatment. Also known as hair dying, this process literally changes the color of your hair, and it can make an enormous difference on your overall look. From clothing choices to matching with your skin tone and eye color, your hair color is a vital component in your outward appearance, which is why many of us choose to undergo the process in order to fit a specific look that we are going for.

As dramatic as this process is in terms of its impact on our appearance, it is equally impactful when it comes to the very chemistry and health of our hair.  Changing the pigment color of our hair is no easy task, which is why hair coloring treatments can be so expensive and time consuming.  Thus, not only is a coloring treatment a procedure that hinges upon the health and well-being of your hair, but it also carries the added pressure of ensuring your time and monetary investments aren’t wasted. Needless to say, you’ll want to do everything to make sure that this hair coloring process is carried out correctly and that the results are well maintained for as long as possible.

Hair dying advice #1: Choose the right tone of color
We’ve all heard that “blondes have more fun”, and who amongst us non-blondes haven’t thought of life with blonde hair? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply dying your hair blonde.  You see, any hair color that is a lighter tone or shade than your current hair color requires the usage of strong chemicals which need to penetrate the cuticle layer in order to properly lighten the hair’s natural pigment.  The lighter the desired color is, the more chemicals that are required, which means for a harsher coloring job on your hair.  Thus, make sure to pick a color that isn’t too much lighter than your natural hair color, as you’ll prevent nearly certain breakage and damage.

Hair dying advice #2: Follow the 36-hour rule
Following your hair dying process, your hair will be in an incredibly vulnerable state due to the opening of the cuticle layer. Your hair will be extremely susceptible to dryness and moisture loss, meaning you’ll want to prevent anything to make the issue worse. This means no shampooing or washing the hair for 36 hours following the dye job, as well as applying hydrating hair serums and oils when necessary.

Hair dying advice #3: Moisture is key for long results
After the 36 hours are up, feel free to wash your hair as usual. However, your hair will still be in a slightly weakened state after this 36-hour period, meaning you’ll want to baby your hair with rich, hydrating products like leave-in conditioner and hair masks. Additionally, apply hair oils and other products that will help to ensure the sealed condition of your cuticle to keep your hair pigment from leaching out.

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