How Do You Use Dry Shampoo?

How Do You Use Dry Shampoo?

Of all the hair care products on the market, dry shampoo might be the most unique and versatile.  While the word “shampoo” may make you think that this product is solely for cleaning one’s hair, dry shampoo can be used for everything from serving as a pre-styler to add volume to hair or as a midday maintenance step for removing grease or oil.

Read through our guide below to learn more about this unique product category and how to best incorporate it into your daily routine!

What is dry shampoo?
As you can guess from the name, dry shampoo differs from traditional shampoo as it is not a liquid but is instead a dry powder.  This powder is typically comprised of various starches and other powder ingredients that are capable of absorbing oil and grease from the hair strand and scalp.  Most dry shampoo is applied via an aerosol spray can, but some dry shampoo products are delivered without any propellant, allowing the user to simply deposit a small amount of powder directly into his or her hand.

Although it may seem as if dry shampoo is some recent invention, the concept of dry shampooing has been around for several centuries.  There is evidence that several ancient tribes in Asia and Africa used various clays and other dry ingredients to keep their hair clean when water was unavailable to wash in.  Going back to the 18th Century, many British and American men and women used a form of dry shampoo to keep their wigs clean of any dirt or debris, as the wigs were typically too fragile and delicate for any sort of washing or rinsing.

How to use dry shampoo
As we mentioned, dry shampoo is an extremely versatile ingredient that can be used in a number of different ways.  Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate dry shampoo into your hair care routine!

Reducing oil and grease between washes
The most popular use of dry shampoo is to absorb oil and grease from the hair and scalp in between washes.  Whether your hair is particularly greasy in between washes or you are simply looking to wash your hair less to prevent dryness, dry shampoo is an extremely effective product when it comes to absorbing oil.  To apply dry shampoo, hold the can about six inches away from your head and apply in short bursts directly at the roots of the hair.  Once applied, work the product from the roots to the tips of your hair with your fingers.  Lastly, brush or comb your hair to evenly distribute it throughout your hair strands.

Adding volume to your hair
Because dry shampoo absorbs oil and grease, it is extremely effective at making the hair more lightweight, which in turn boosts volume and adds texture.  To bring a bit of oomph to lifeless or dull hair, apply a light layer of dry shampoo after blow drying and possibly follow with a styling product like a clay or pomade to keep the hair in place.

Keeping bobby pins from slipping
Ever have an issue with those pesky bobby pins not staying in place when styling your hair?  Simply spritz some dry shampoo on the pins for added grip, allowing you to work through sections of your hair without worrying about the pins falling out.

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