Become a Hair Travel Pro!

Become a Hair Travel Pro!

It’s safe to say that the most common New Year’s resolution this year is “travel more”. After a year of social distancing and enjoying Tik Tok videos from the comfort our own homes, most of us are itching to travel the world, or at the very least explore literally anywhere outside of our own apartments or houses. While many have been able to perfect their at-home hair routines, it’s likely that many of us have forgotten what it’s like to have to bring your hair tools along when travelling. With the summer season coming up, now seems like the best time to assess our travel bag situation and formulate a game plan for all of the exotic trips this summer has in store!


Sometimes Smaller is Better




There’s no way of getting around it: when you’re travelling for a trip, you need to downsize your hair tools. While we all have our favorite blow dryers and flat irons at home, there’s really just no way to pack all of these tools while accounting for luggage and baggage space, not to mention the risk of damaging your larger, bulkier tools while travelling. For some of you, the thought of having to leave your trusty tools at home may be anxiety-provoking, but don’t fret! Sutra has built a number of awesome travel-sized hair tools that are not only lightweight and easy to travel with, but also provide the same high-quality hair styling experience you can get at home, only in a smaller size!


Maybe the most common travel tool is a travel-sized blow dryer, and it is likely that you’ve encountered a blow dryer at just about every hotel you’ve ever stayed at. Luckily, Sutra offers the Travel Mini Blow Dryer, which features a 1000w motor and dual speed settings and is a massive upgrade from the cheap blow dryers commonly found in hotel rooms. For your curling needs, Sutra has you covered with the Mini Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, along with a travel-sized version of our popular heat brushes with the Mini Heat Brush 2.0. 




Keep Your Tools Secured




After you’ve assembled a collection of high-powered travel tools, you still need to make sure you are keeping them secured and compacted when travelling. Again, Sutra has you covered! The Travel Mini Blow Dryer includes a convenient travel case, while the Mini Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron includes a travel bag with an adjustable tie to keep your iron secured. For a great all-around travel case, look no further than Sutra’s Heat Case. This thin and sleek travel case allows for easy storage of all of your hair tools, and even works as a placeholder for hot tools to cool down on the countertop when styling at home!



Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy



Just about everyone has encountered the dreaded case of “vacation hair” where our hair either explodes into an unkempt, unmanageable poof-ball or turns into a flat, lifeless mop of hair. The reason for this is the change in humidity and temperature your hair encounters when travelling to new climates, as well as the dry air found in most airplanes. Your hair goes into “shock mode” when faced with a climate that is dramatically different than the one at home, so the key is to make sure to supplement your hair with various hair care products specifically designed to keep your hair full of nutrition and moisture. Your best bet is with Sutra’s Hair Cocktail, which is loaded with moisturizing oils, vitamins, and omega acids that prevent frizzy flyaways and overall helps to prevent your hair from freaking out!



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