Warranty Information

Sutra Beauty provides you with a lifetime warranty on flat irons, ionic heat brushes, curling irons and blow dryers.

Please choose from the following options in order to redeem your warranty:

Sutra Beauty cannot guarantee the quality of products sold by non-authorized retailers. Purchasing Sutra Beauty products from Internet sites not legitimately representing Sutra Beauty products forfeits this warranty. This includes non-authorized retailers on Amazon®.

* If your iron has malfunctioned within thirty days of purchase, please follow OPTION 1. The $20.00USD service fee is waived. You may also return to the original location of purchase to service your warranty immediately.

** Warranty program does not cover shipping out of the Mainland U.S. For redemptions from Canada, Hawaii or Mexico please send $25.00USD service fee. For any other internationals shipments, please send $40.00USD.

*** Sutra Beauty is aware of non-authorized parties selling potentially counterfeit Sutra Beauty products on Amazon®. This communication is to serve notice to our valued customers, retailers and distributors that Sutra Beauty is aware of this issue and actively working to resolve the issues. Please note that Sutra Beauty will NOT honor the warranty for any products sold on Amazon® by non-authorized retailers.

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