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"My hair is extremely thick and very hard to straighten. It used to take me an hour to flat iron my hair, with the Sutra it only takes me 15 minutes. I am really happy with this iron! Thanks Sutra!"

-Gabby Taylor, 23, CA

Product Used: Sutra Flat Iron

Gabby Before Gabby Before 2 Gabby After

"I have very flat straight hair & it is impossible to style. I purchased the 19mm & 25mm Sutra Curling Irons and it is the best styling iron I've ever purchased. #1 - The curls last all day and even through the end of the 2nd day. #2 - You can brush through the curls to make them look very natural and they still don't fall out. #3 - It is really easy to use once you get the hang of it (the glove helps). #4 - You don't need hair spray or gel to keep the curls in. Nothing can ever curl my hair, I am so happy I found this product."

-Sylvia Grayson, 32, TX

Product Used: Waves with Sutra 19mm Curling Iron

Sylvia BeforeSylvia After 19mm

Product Used: Waves with Sutra 25mm Curling Iron

Sylvia 25mm BeforeSylvia 25mm After

"I find this to be the most effective hair straightener on the market. I am such a sucker for buying new beauty products and I find they all work the same. Except for this one. I can actually tell a huge difference between this straightener and the Chi, Conair, GHD, Revlon, I've tried them all - cheap and expensive. The Sutra works much faster & I notice it really doesn't damage my hair. I am in love with this straightener."

-Jamie Bertollachi, 29, FL

Product Used: Sutra Flat Iron


"I love the Sutra Hair Extensions. They are really easy to put in and they look so natural, no one even knows I am wearing them!

-Sara Zeema, MI, 35

Product Used: Sutra Extensions - Color: Brown Black

"This is my favorite straightener ever. I use it everyday and it doesn't fry my hair like my old Conair one did. I am finally starting to see an improvement on my fried ends. I am so happy I bought this. I recommend it to every girl that is damaging their hair with cheap straighteners."

-Leslie Flemings, 21, CA

Product Used: Curls with Sutra Flat Iron


"I love my Sutra 19mm Curling Wand, I have been trying to achieve the beachy, wavy curls forever!."

-Michaela Homer, 30, GA

Product Used: Waves with Sutra 19mm Curling Iron


"I had a great experience with this company. Not only do I love the products (Curler and Flat Iron), but the customer service is exceptional."

-Patrice King, 31, NY

Product Used: Waves with Sutra 19mm Curling Iron


"I bought the Sutra hair extensions and I am very happy with them! I have very thin straight hair and these extensions make my hair much thicker and fuller. It also adds a lot of length. I get so many complements on how healthy my hair looks!"

-Kristin Sokolic, 26, GA

Product Used: Sutra Extensions - Golden Blond

"I absolutely love my Sutra straightener. It is unlike any straightener I have used before. Not only does it straighten my hair perfectly but it also lets me create different kind of waves and curls in my hair. I can put waves in my hair that makes it look like I just came from a day at the beach for a casual look or I can make curls at the ends of my hair for a night out on the town with my girls. The best part is that no matter what hairstyle you use your straightener for, the style stays and doesn't require massive amounts of hairspray. People have actually touched my hair and commented on how soft it feels when I put the waves or curls in my hair. My Sutra doesn't cause the damage that other straighteners have caused. My hair no longer breaks like it used to from other straighteners I have used. I even bought the travel size straightener to keep at work so I can add in some waves or curls before heading out to happy hour. After using this straightener I could never switch to any other kind!!!!"

-Nicole Johnson, 24, NJ

Product Used: Curls with Sutra Flat Iron


"I love this product. I use both the straightener and the 25mm curler. I cannot stress enough how much I love it. Every girl should have one."

-Katy Sanchez, 20, CT

Product Used: Curls with Sutra 25mm Curling Iron

katy1.jpg katy-2.jpg

"I wish I would have found out about Sutra a long time ago. I really like all their products. The extensions are unlike any other extensions I've tried before. The one piece clip is really easy to apply, there are just 4 clips that go along your head. It looks so natural, because the piece rests perfectly to the shape of your head. The hair is thick and easy to curl too. (My color is Auburn.)"

-Roxanne Gomez, 28, MA

Product Used: Sutra One Piece Extensions - Auburn

"Thank you for making such a great product. I've been searching for something that can give me natural looking 'beach' waves. I really like the 32mm curling iron and will likely be buying other sizes in the future."

-Tina Parshi, 27, FL

Product Used: Curls with Sutra 32mm Curling Iron


"Before I ordered this, I did not really believe it would be any different from other products on the market. I wasn't sure if I should spend $250 on a straightener, but I am really happy I did. It is worth every penny. I look at it like 'you wear your hair everyday'...it works great and was a very good investment. Plus, there is a warranty on it, so if you break it, they send you a new one."

-Rebekah James, 45, CO

Product Used: Curls with Sutra Flat Iron


"My friend introduced me to this iron and couldn't thank her enough. I no longer have to have my friend flat iron my hair for me. His iron is so strong and easy to use, that I can actually do it myself with no hassle."

-Jessie Rima, 28, CA

Product Used: Sutra Flat Iron


"If you are skeptical about purchasing this curling iron. Don't be. It works great and you can't find it in stores. Definitely worth the money. I am always throwing away money on cheap flat irons and curling irons that don't work as good. It is worth it to spend more money on something quality. Thank you. Best iron I've used in a very, very long time."

-Maria Gonzalez, 17, AZ

Product Used: Sutra 19mm Curling Iron & Sutra Extensions

"I didn't believe all the hype about this straightener at first, but then my friend forced me to borrow hers since she knows how much I struggle with my frizzy hair. I told her if it worked for me (since nothing does), I would go online and buy it immediately. I was so shocked that I was able to straighten my hair and get rid of all the frizz in one swipe! No iron has ever been able to do this. Plus I don't have to use any fly away products. It is such a relief that I found a product that cuts the time of getting ready in half."

-Kayla, 26, NC

Product Used: Curls with Sutra Flat Iron


"I am extremely happy with the Sutra clip in extensions. I found these extensions online and saw how many good reviews there were, so I decided to take a chance. Happy I did. My hair doesn't look so thin and broken anymore. My friends can't believe how natural it looks. I get so many complements, it's unreal. They are very easy to put in, it probably takes less than 2 minutes."

-Misty, 35, PA


"I have been using flat irons my entire life. I have the curliest hair in the world. I didn't think flat irons were any different from each other until I bought the Sutra. I cannot believe how quickly I can straighten my hair now. I think it takes me about 10-15 minutes and it used to take me an hour. I am baffled at how good this iron works."

-Jenny Homerson, 29, CA

Product Used: Curls with Sutra Flat Iron

"I would say I am the most impressed with how good the curls come out with the flat iron. I've tried curling my hair with flat irons before, but it always used to snag at my hair and the curl wouldn't come out as good. The Sutra plates glide along your hair, so it doesn't pull at the strands. I can curl my hair in less than 5 minutes with the Sutra iron. It adds a lot of volume and life to my hair. Very good product."

-Donna Ray, 51, NY

"Whoever invented this iron is a shear genius. Not only does it straighten your hair perfectly, but you can also curl with it. It is really easy to make flips and waves on the ends of your hair. I don't even pay to get my hair done anymore when I go to parties and special occasions. People always ask me 'where did you get your hair done?' and they are stunned when I say I do it myself."

-Josephine Olsen, 42, AZ

"I have very kinky hair due to my mother's side of the family. My hair is very brittle and my stylist always tells me not to use a flat iron. However, I heard that Sutra's products don't damage your hair, even if you have ethnic hair. I decided to give it one last try. I am actually very surprised that I use this iron about twice a week and I haven't noticed ANY breakage. I am very pleased with it."

-Tonya Bilalli, 29, GA

"It's kind of ridiculous how good this straightener works. I have been on a lifelong search for a straightener that doesn't damage the ends of my hair. My hair is really thin and brittle and I have to be careful as to what shampoo I can even use. The Sutra actually makes my hair feel softer and doesn't make the ends crispy at all. I never even knew this was possible."

-Michelle Sealer, 31, TX

"I truly wish every woman with curly hair would find out about this straightener. I have the tightest curls due to genetics and it is near impossible to brush through, let alone straighten my hair. Of course every woman wants what they don't have and I like my hair much better straight. This straightener is a miracle worker, I only have to press down one time on my hair in order to get it perfectly straight. I have other expensive irons, that took 3-4 passes to get my hair as straight as the Sutra does."

-Adriana Lee, 48, IL

"I have a history of replacing my hair straightener at least once a year due to ineffective tools and unsatisfied results. Ever since purchasing the Sutra, my quest for finding the best straightener is over. I have since been using the same Sutra straightener for months now and the results are just as great as the day I bought it. It heats up quickly, has adjustable heat settings which I love and it makes my hair silky smooth without damaging it. Many people complimented how much healthier my hair appears, I highly recommend it!"

-Jenna Grayson, 23, SC

"I'm a hair stylist and have tried every straightener in the book. I was straightening a client's hair a few months ago, when she asked if I've heard about Sutra. I told her no and she explained to me that it is much better than the Chi, which is the one I was using. She had very curly hair and she noticed I was going down 2-3 times on one strand to get her hair straight. We are good friends since she's a regular, so she let me borrow her Sutra and I have been in love ever since. I was a little embarrassed that my client knew more about good irons than I did. But we now have 12 of them in our salon in Detroit. All the stylists swear by them."

-Missy Palmer, 39, MA

"Warranty is legitimate & the flat iron is wonderful. My daughter broke mine and they sent me a new one quickly. Good customer service."

-Christina Gomez, 43, CO

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