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5 Halloween Hairstyles for Your Best Costume Yet!

The spookiest time of the year is almost upon us, and most of us have already planned out our costumes to the very last detail. However, if you are in a rush for some last-minute costume advice, you’re in luck! Like any look, your hairstyle can make or break your costume. When deciding upon your Halloween costume, you should start by picking out your hairstyle.

We’ve picked out five iconic Halloween hairstyles for your next spooky costume. Check out the list below and find inspiration for your next spooky ‘do!

Wonder Woman

An iconic look from the accessories to the outfit, one of Wonder Woman’s most notable features is her long, dark hair. Those with long, dark hair should copy the superhero’s look by creating a wavy look with a small curler and sealing with some light hairspray. 

Marilyn Monroe

One of the most iconic hairstyles of all time, this platinum-blonde look will be instantly recognizable and make you the center of attention at any party you attend. Blowout your hair for massive volume and then curl with a curler to give your hair those signature blonde curls.

Princess Leia

For a space-themed look, who else does it better than Princess Leia herself? These space buns are as iconic as the galactic franchise itself, and look great with any face shape. Tie these buns to the side of your hair and secure with a bobby pin or hair tie to keep them in place all night long.

Wednesday Addams

The original queen of darkness is this Addams family icon, whose trademark dark ponytails has made her a Halloween inspiration for decades. Some temporary dark hair dye can transform this look into the extra-spooky category, with some simple ponytails on each side complete this devilish ensemble.

Harley Quinn

If you like to have fun with hair dye, you’ve found the right costume! Start by coloring your hair with a platinum blonde tint, then tying the hair into two ponytails wide to the sides of the head. Then color one ponytail blue and the other pink to complete this sinister look!

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