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5 Bold Hairstyles for Your Fall Hair Makeover

With each changing season comes a new time to freshen up your look and show off a fun, new side of yourself. One of the most striking ways to do this is by changing up your hairstyle! With the weather getting cooler and the leaves turning colors, now is the best time to try out that bold, new hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try out.

Check out our five fall hairstyles below and see which bold look is your next great look!

Curtain bangs

This fresh, effortless take on the traditional bangs hairstyle has been all the rage over the past few years, and for good reason. Not only does it look great on just about anyone, but this style is as easy a style as there is to fix up and maintain. Whether you wear them loose and shaggy or cut with blunt edges for a striking angle, this versatile hairstyle is a perfect attention-grabber!

Crop bob

In a blast from the 90’s past, this shorter, cool-girl look is as effortless as it is striking. While you can frame your bob around the sides of your face, you can also wear it slicked back with a wet finish pomade or flipped to the side for a fun, carefree look. However you wear it, this is a hairstyle that is a surefire head-turner.


Fringe bangs

If you can’t tell by now, bangs are very much in right now. Fringe bangs are no exception, with this loose, tousled look bringing a totally lived-in look to anyone. The key for this look is to have the cut not look perfect or precise, and instead embrace an imperfect, randomly cut bang style that just barely grazes the eyebrows while framing the sides of the face.


Rose gold hair

Aside from changing how you style or cut your hair, another great way to freshen up your hair for fall is by taking on a new hair color. Rather than just take on a traditional color like blonde or brunette, try out a truly unique hair color such as rose gold! Think of it like blonde mixed with a dash of pink for a sort of strawberry finish that is truly one-of-a-kind! 

Platinum blonde

Another bold, striking hair color to take on for fall is the stunning platinum blonde look. This color has been in vogue as of late, as it is a truly remarkable hair color that adds a cooler, relaxed tone to anyone that takes it on. Before adding this color, however, make sure that your hair tone is close enough to take on platinum hair dye, as it can potentially damage the hair strand due to the dramatic lightening effect involved. Additionally, make sure you use hair products designed for platinum hair to maintain this stunning color choice!

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